7 wall 16&20 mm and 9 wall 25&32 mm structered panels. With their strengthened structure, these panels offer increased durability and loading capacity with reduced deflection. With their good heat retention values, our  gives buildings the best performance in energy efficiency.




  • Very high impact resistance
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • UV resistant
  • B2 / Class 1Y / UL 94 HB fire rated
  • Outstanding weatherability
  • Easy to cut & machine
  • Can be cold bent
  • Chemical resistant
  • Reduces noise transmission
  • Lightweight
  • Hail resistant
  • Operational temperature -40C, +120C
  • On site machining

Uv Protected

Z-section cells, with 7 and 9 sensitive structure, provide extremely high thermal insulation. It consists of 7 sensitive layers with 16-20 mm thickness and 9 sensitive layers with 25-32 1 mm thickness.

These energy-efficient plates, with a heat transfer coefficient of 1.25 W / m2K, provide 20% more energy savings than conventional 2-sensory plates.

Thickness: 7W 16-20 mm, 9W 25-32 mm

Standard Dimensions: 2100 x 6ooo mm, 980 x 6000 mm

Colors: Transparent, Opal, White

Multi million dollar modern greenhouses prefer polycarbonate sheets as the value of the covering material and they are right in this preference. Advantages of these plates:

Reduces heating costs by providing more insulation
Resistant to heavy winds and heavy weather conditions
The rodent does not pass through the lere
Thickness: 3W 14-16 mm, 4W 8-10 mm

Standard Dimensions: 2100 x 6ooo mm, 2100 x 12,000 mm

Colors: Transparent, Opal, White, Bronze, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Opaque Gray, Red

The signage sector serves with 4 and 6 mm plates and is the market leader in the sector. The corrugated structure provides perfect light distribution, making these plates ideal and cheap for light signage.

Thickness: 4-6 mm

Standard Dimensions: 2100 X 6000 mm, 2100 X 12,000 mm

Colors: Transparent, Opal, White


Polikarnonat Levhalar


Our company provides corrugated polycarbonate sheet, acrylic sheet, solid polycarbonate sheet to many sectors such as outdoor advertising, display, construction, greenhouse, lighting, white goods, security, automotive, furniture. We are exporting our products to Europa, africa, middle east, South african countries. Our capasity is 20.000 tons of plastic sheets for per year.




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