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MegaLux system has been designed as 60 cm width and 5-wall polycarbonate modular panels to create alternative solutions for different lighting applications. MegaLux polycarbonate panels are applicable as lighting systems to walls as well as roofs through their structure. The catches on the two sides of the panels create a great advantage for safe and easy panel connections. Clips connection units that are made of stainless steel are installed to the load-bearing structure by hooking to catches. Polycarbonate, stainless steel or aluminum u-lock profiles can be mounted on the panels' catches and provide protection against external factors by cloaking polycarbonate panels' intersection of the connection, which ensures perfect water and thermal insulation. In addition to MegaLux system's superior properties in installation details against standard polycarbonate sheets, 5 walled MegaLux panels have higher thermal insulation by inner air channels. High light transmission presented by MegaLux system is variable for different color alternatives and provides a combination of very esthetical and functional solutions. The capability of production of two-sided UV protection layer maximizes the resistance against the sun rays. Specially designed aluminium profiles and other accessories that are within the MegaLux system ensure easy, fast and smooth installation. Aluminum or stainless steel clips support MegaLux polycarbonate panel installation with the flat surface of the panel on the inside or outside. Consequently, MegaLux polycarbonate panels are high quality architectural lighting units through their high impact resistance and other superior properties despite their bending capability and flexibility.


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Our company provides corrugated polycarbonate sheet, acrylic sheet, solid polycarbonate sheet to many sectors such as outdoor advertising, display, construction, greenhouse, lighting, white goods, security, automotive, furniture. We are exporting our products to Europa, africa, middle east, South african countries. Our capasity is 20.000 tons of plastic sheets for per year.




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